Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dillon's Welcome Home Party

Our Dear Elder Dillon has safely arrived home from the far away land of Peru. He is scrawny, has worms, and is having trouble switching back to English but we are very excited to have him home. He hasn't said a word about his mission but has said lots about muzzle loaders, trail cameras, and the best kind of tree stand -- I guess he is moving on with his new life. Today we had a fabulous party with barbecue, birthday cakes, presents, lots of two year olds, and plenty of noise and excitement and of course cousin time. Dillon will be reporting about his mission in a family gathering tomorrow.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

You are invited to the

Hoyt Happenings!

When??? Starts Wednesday, September

17th, 2008---Elder Dillon Hoyt?s

Mission Home-coming

Where?? St. George airport-Delta 3622

From Salt Lake City, 4:19pm?

What????? Family Birthday Barbecue-

When????? Saturday, September 20th

Why??????? Celebration for Jill, Anna, Amber, Garrett, Drake & Erin

Your assignment:__________________?

What?????? Family Missionary report

When?????? Sunday, Sept 21, 2008-11 am

Where????? Grandpa and Grandma?s

Why????????? To listen to Elder Hoyt?s Lima

Peru Mission report!