Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Memory Lane Game

This is a slightly altered version of a game that bloggers play. Think of one memory (make it fun, not embarrassing or mean) about everyone in the family and post it up here as your own post. Let's see what things get brought up and how fun it can be to think about all our fun times together. I'm not including grandkids for now....we can do them another time.

Dad - squishing our guts out, riding the bus in first grade so I could read to you all the way home from Alton, Pepsi and Deer hunting, eating fresh french bread all the way home from Cedar, never approving of any of the boys I brought home (really I don't blame you for that!).

Mom - All the fun 4-H projects (especially entimology since no one else ever did that), fresh cinnamon roles and applesauce cake, when you danced like Shirley Temple, how you couldn't run because you might drop your uterus (now I know exactly how you felt!)

Heide - Staying with you when you were a cool college girl and you took me to Wendy's, when you threw up all your swedish fish on the way to Kanab and I knew you were pregnant with Anthony.

Mike - when I was crying because a boy had called me a fat cow and you told me that college boys liked girls with big butts and little waists. Not sure that was true but it still made me feel better.

Gerry J. - Going up to fossil rock every day of every summer, when we pretended we were twins, When you took me for a walk on the day of your wedding so that Tyson could ask Dad if he could marry me.

Jill - Playing the Lord of the Rings trivia game with you and Gerry until late into the night. Lots of great haircuts, thanks!

James - dressing you up like a girl and curling your hair and then you ran outside and put your head under the tap. The day you jumped out the upstairs window.

Brittany - playing phase 10 with you one night and I learned how competitive you are!

Anna - "Mom, Amber hit me with a board!", lots of phone calls about anything from the latest boyfriend, to Erin's earwax., eating ice cream cups at J.V.s

Bucky - when I met you at Lava Hot Springs and new it was only a matter of time before you were part of the family.

Dillon - how you planned out your ranch down to how many bales of hay you would need, and your imaginary friend Pee wee.

Jason - how every time I sat by you you had to put your feet on me cuz you're such a cuddler. The time I had to do the heimlich on you because you were choking on a lifesaver.

Sara - the day you came home from Kindergarten in the rain, put your hand's on your hips and said "Mother, did you KNOW it was raining out there and you didn't come pick me up!!!" (insert serious attitude!) I also was dripping with rain but hadn't said a word.